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Exodus FRV


The Exodus FRV (Funeral Removal Vehicle) by Harris Group is the product of in-house innovation and the question – how can we bring the funeral industry into the 21st century? The concept showcases how mass transportation technology can be used for a final journey – not only for the deceased but also for mourners – with benefits not only to families but to the funeral industry.

For family and friends of the deceased, the Exodus FRV offers a relaxed, safe, convenient and comfortable travelling experience between home, funeral home, church, crematorium or cemetery as per family preference. For undertakers and funeral directors the Exodus FRV reduces the size of the cortege maximising efficiency and increasing operating margins, as well as offering a more environmentally friendly transport option.


The Exodus FRV concept is adapted from the popular Isuzu AOS Visigo platform with 320 HP engine, fully automatic transmission and a passenger capacity of 39. Standard onboard specifications include comfortable, high-back leather seats; an emergency first aid kit including mobile defibrillator; onboard toilet; fridge; PA system;

Additional Features

The Exodus FRV has also been tastefully fitted to the specifications of the funeral industry with industry standard removal fittings, side awnings and covers, discreet ceremonial curtains, floral storage area and optional secure casket storage (including ELS Easy Loading System) under the saloon.

Optional LCD screens are also available to complement the PA system for mobile ceremonies.

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