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A7 Series


The Sinotruk A7 series heavy-duty trucks are designed to allow for greater flexibility, durability and reliability to and from construction sites. The dashboard and controls have been laid out ergonomically to reduce driver fatigue and to avoid driver distraction. A compact aluminum housing eliminates unnecessary weight and increases the payload, while the helical teeth allow for quiet operation.

With the pneumatic gear shifting, changing gears is quick and without expenditure of energy. A variety of shift patterns are available. This truck is truly adaptable and available in Tipper, Mixer Chassis, and Mixer Chassis complete with Stetter Body variants.


The D12-420 horsepower engine delivers plenty of torque across a significant rev range to ensure effortless running in the economical green band. With sixteen gear steps, the fully synchronized manual transmission shows its strength in off-road applications. The transmission can be equipped with different ZF PTOs in order to power additional units.


The A7 series truck takes safety seriously and includes a number of features like wide airbags, power-assisted steering, ABS and ABR. It has a unique headlamp cluster that maximises light to give a wide spread of illumination for dark areas and night driving. Heated large rear view mirrors give the driver excellent vision in all kinds of weather.


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