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A milestone for MAXUS: Meet the all-new fully electric e DELIVER 3

eDELIVER 3 fully electric small van

New thinking brought to life today

The future of greener motoring is now, and MAXUS is leading the charge.  2020 continues to be an historic year for MAXUS, having rebranded from its original LDV moniker in April and gearing up for the launch of two, brand-new platform vehicles. To reinforce the significance of this iconic, rebrand, we bring you the first fully electric vehicle under the MAXUS moniker: introducing the all-new e DELIVER 3.

The e DELIVER 3 has it all when it comes to offering the customer the pure driving experience with three variants from which to choose, and all at incredible value. So, if you’re a business owner or fleet buyer thinking about making the switch to greener motoring, MAXUS has the solution.

MAXUS is distributed by the Harris Group, one of the most respected and long-standing automotive companies in Ireland.  


The MAXUS e DELIVER 3 is a fully electric small van of zero emissions with a remarkable range, clocking up to 198miles /320km (NEDC) / (150 miles / 240km combined WLTP) on a single charge (52.5kWh battery).  

It has been billed as the little brother to its predecessor, the EV80, but is the first vehicle by MAXUS that is only available as a fully electric model with no other power train options.

The MAXUS e DELIVER 3 is available in three variants with two wheelbase options: a short wheelbase panel van, a long wheelbase panel van and a long wheelbase platform chassis.

High Power Low Energy Motor

Maximum net power: 90kW at 5000 min−1 
Operating voltage: 240V-420V
Acceleration time of 0-100km: 11 seconds

DC + AC dual charging mode

DC mode: 45 minutes can charge 80% of electricity; 80 minutes can be charged to 100%

Battery configurations

There are two battery options from which to choose: 35kWh and 52.5kWH

Loading compartment:

The width of the compartment is 1665mm. The cargo area offers optimal ease of loading with the short wheelbase for the van of 4.8 cubic metres and the long wheel base of 6.3 cubic metres.


Short wheelbase (L*W*H mm): 4555x1780x1895
Floor height: 1,330mm.
Wheelbase: 2910mm
Long wheelbase (L*W*H mm): 5145x1780x1900
Floor height: 1,330mm.
Wheelbase: 3285mm
Long wheelbase Platform Chassis (52.5KWH battery): (L*W* mm): 5037×1780
Wheelbase: 3285mm


Prices for the e DELIVER 3 start from €34,843 ex. VAT or €31,043 ex. VAT with the approval of a government electric vehicle grant, making it one of the best value all-electric vans on the market. The e DELIVER 3 is available to order now for July delivery in the short wheelbase; the platform chassis will be available in Q3 2020 and the long wheelbase panel van will be available in Q4 2020.

Mark Barrett, GM of Harris Automotive Distributors UC (MAXUS/LDV), commented: “2020 has heralded the start of a new era in which we can offer our customers even more variety in terms of zero emission commercial vehicles.  The e DELIVER 3 marks our entrance into the small commercial vehicle market and is the first van in the MAXUS portfolio that will not offer a diesel engine alternative.

“For MAXUS, this is proof that green motoring is the future, and the future is now. As part of our commitment to a green motoring industry, we work hard to ensure the right support infrastructure is in place for both current and future customers. 

“Charging points are the key to supporting EV drivers, and without those supports in place, there can be no motoring revolution. It’s something we take very seriously and urge governments to prioritise in the coming months and years, especially as 2030 targets loom closer.

“We’re extremely proud to be in a position to bring you the e DELIVER 3 today and despite current economic challenges, we believe this to be MAXUS’ year. This is down to our dedicated team, the right partners and a confidence in our new platform vehicles that remains unshaken.”

Denise Harris, CEO, Harris Group, commented: “SAIC is a company that we are very proud to be associated with and to act as sole distributors for Ireland, UK and right-hand drive Europe. Today’s launch marks another significant milestone in the Harris Group’s journey to becoming the preeminent distributor of commercial EVs in Ireland and the UK.”

John McEvoy, COO, Harris Group, added: “We are excited by the potential of the new MAXUS range and truly believe that it represents a game-changer for the commercial vehicle market, especially in relation to the EV sector. We are extremely proud to be part of such an important change in transport infrastructure’s move to a greener environment.”

The evolution of MAXUS’ electric vehicle range

Over the last few years, The Harris Group has been paving the way in EVs in the UK and Ireland when it comes to commercial vehicles, following the launch of its first electric van, the EV80 in 2016. Designed with zero emissions technology together with advanced electric power systems and boasting a 120-mile range on a single charge, the EV80 was predicted a game-changer among industry experts. This proved to be true.

Now, the EV80 is a reliable choice for fleet drivers and decision makers who want to avoid hefty congestion charges, future-proof their business and join the green revolution. This means the natural next step for The Harris Group and the MAXUS brand is to extend more choice to customers.  With the launch of the e DELIVER 3, originally branded the EV30 in its pre-production phase, there is now even more choice for businesses looking to invest in a green fleet.

MAXUS Dealerships

  • Today, the Harris Group represents the MAXUS brand in a total of seven territories: the UK, Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Malta and Cyprus. 
  • There are almost 30 dealers in the UK together with 24 in the Republic of Ireland (exclusive of service-only dealers). 
  • For your local dealer, please visit the website www.saicmaxus.co.uk or www.saicmaxus.ie

The name behind MAXUS

Innovative, thought-leading and future-focused, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) is the name behind MAXUS and is the largest automotive company in China.  Based in Shanghai, SAIC produces almost seven million vehicles each year for both domestic and international markets and is a Fortune Global 500 listed company of almost 100,000 employees.  

The Harris Group acts as sole distributor for SAIC in the UK, Ireland and across right-hand drive Europe.

SAIC has several well-known brands within its portfolio including, since 2010, the acclaimed MAXUS range of LCV’s. SAIC has invested more than €2billion in this brand, with a strong focus on safety, innovation and the introduction of new products to the range, including a suite of EVs that are already setting the standard for the future of eco-fuelled commercial motoring. The e DELIVER 3 is the latest addition to this ever-growing suite.

Why go electric now?

Experts estimate that there will be 140 million electric vehicles on the road globally by the end of the decade as a direct result of governments signing the 2030 Paris Climate Agreement.

This means that in the next ten years, combustion engines will be phased out and everyone – businesses included – will have to think practically and seriously about greener transport options. The e DELIVER 3 is a serious contender and offers among the best value out there for businesses looking to make the switch.


For more information, visit the company’s website: www.saicmaxus.co.uk or www.saicmaxus.ie where you can check out our latest models via virtual videos.

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