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The Myths Vs. Truths of Electric Vehicles

Harris Group electric vehicle myths vs. truths series

What do you believe about an electric vehcile and it’s capabilities?

At Harris Group, we are constantly being asked about electric vehicles and their capabilities. During these conversations, the same misconceptions present themselves over and over. That is why we have launched the Harris Group Myths vs. Truths series, to bust the most common myths associated with an electric vehicle and tell you the truth.

1. ‘Range Anxiety’

The Myth:

Electric vehicles don’t have the same range capabilities and can’t travel as far as internal combustion engines.

The Truth:

Electric vehicles can travel just as far and in some cases further than traditional fuelled vehicles. To prove this and make range anxiety a thing of the past, our fully electric city bus, the Higer AZURE, took part in the Compass Challenge, travelling from Dublin to Cork on a single charge. The Azure travelled 347km and still had 25% battery remaining. The remaining 25% equals a further 120kms, estimating a total range of over 450kms. Far exceeding the daily average distance travelled by a vehicle of this type.

2. Vehicle Availability

The Myth:

There are limited ranges of electric vehicles and not one that will suit your needs.

The Truth:

Manufacturers are heavily investing in electric energy. More and more vehicles, brands and models are being made available every day and electric vehicles have doubled their market share in 2021 from 2020 with even greater growth predicted this year. As part of the Harris Group rEVolution, we have a growing range of fully electric commercial vehicles including Higer buses, the STEED and AZURE, Maxus vans, the e DELIVER 3 and e DELIVER 9, and more recently, we’ve launched Maxus passenger vehicles the MIFA 9 and T90EV

There is an electric vehicle out there for everyone, and to learn more about Harris Groups range of EVs, visit https://harrisgroup.ie/electric-vehicles/ 

3. Repair costs

The Myth:

The costs of repairing electric vehicles are extremely expensive and batteries often can’t be repaired and need to be replaced.

The Truth:

Repair costs of electric vehicles have been dramatically reduced in recent years. Gone are the days when vehicles were sent to mainland Europe to be repaired, we can now do it here in Ireland. 
Harris Group is certified and accredited to repair EV batteries on site and in a huge step forward for us and the industry, we have removed the high expense of replacing older batteries, now repairing and servicing batteries far more economically. We have even developed a training academy where our dealer network can upskill on electric vehicle repairs and maintenance. 

Our hope is that this will encourage more people to make the switch to electric vehicles and make them more affordable to everyone.

4. Purchase costs

The Myth:

Electric vehicles are far more expensive than traditionally fuelled vehicles. 

The Truth:

As with all new technologies, electric vehicles are a bit more expensive, but it’s not as bad as you think.
Technology surrounding electric vehicles is constantly being improved, dramatically reducing production costs. Competition is rapidly growing in the industry which will inevitably drive prices down and there are also financial supports in place for those looking to purchase an EV, such as:
– Grant of €3,800 for electric commercial vehicles in Ireland and £8,000 in the UK
– Cheaper road tax
– Cheaper insurance 
– Cheaper running and maintenance costs

To learn more about Harris Group’s ever growing range of electric vehciles, including electric buses, electric vans and electric passenger vehicles, visit https://harrisgroup.ie/electric-vehicles/

Electric vehicle range at Harris Group
Harris Group’s electric vehcile range

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