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ESB Unveiled Biggest EV Charging Hub Yet

ESB Charging Hub

On the 7th July 2021, ESB unveiled its biggest EV charging hub yet, adding to recent developments in the electric vehicle movement. Located at Junction 14, Mayfield on the M7, this eight-bay charging station is helping pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future of driving. With three high power chargers (350 kw) and one fast charger (50 kw), this latest charge station can provide 100km of charge in just under six minutes. 

Marguerite Sayers, Executive Director of Customer Solutions at ESB, said: “Today’s announcement of the first eight vehicle high power EV charging hub is a significant milestone as we work to meet the growing number of EVs on Ireland’s roads. This new 350kW high power charging hub, as part of our overall upgrade works, will significantly reduce charging time for EV users. ”

At Harris Group, we are delighted to see these developments as we are committed to providing cleaner and greener transport solutions. Not only do we lead the charge for commercial vehicles, but we are also leading the charge in getting more electric vehicles on the road. In recent months, Harris has supported companies such as DPD UK and TFI Local Link in their switch to more sustainable transport.

Our Electric Vehicles

At Harris Group,  we offer several electric vehicles to meet your needs. 

The MAXUS e DELIVER 3 provides a revolutionised mode of transport which offers a cleaner, more sustainable and more economical for the Light Commercial Vehicle Industry,

Following up on the success of the eDeliver3, MAXUS has also launched the e DELIVER 9 which is developed with fully sustainable transport in mind, The e Deliver 9 lives up to the legacy of the e DELIVER 3 but provides additional space and more battery pack options.


e Deliver 3 and e Deliver 9
Higer Azure - Fully Electric Bus

Not only do we provide commercial vehicles but Harris Group provides greener, more sustainable transport solutions through our fleet of electric buses.  Working with China’s leading bus manufacturers, Higer, Harris Group have worked to provide greener solutions for private and public transport. 

The Higer STEED, developed to be versatile and adaptable, the STEED is ‘Metro-ready’, meaning it seamlessly transitions from urban to rural travel. 

Hot on the heels after the Higer Steed, Harris announced the Higer Azure.  At 12m the Azure is the bigger of the two electric buses in our range. The Higer Azure is designed to ensure reliability and consistency while providing the optimum passenger experience.


As ESB unveiled it’s biggest EV charging hub yet, we are excited to see more electric vehicles out on the road. Are you ready to join the electric vehicle movement?

For more information on our electric vehicles get in touch or check out Harris Group.

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