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John McEvoy talks all things Harris Group with the Council Journal

John McEvoy - Council Journal Podcast

Harris Group COO, John McEvoy, had the opportunity to sit down with Jack Mullen from the Council Journal recently for the recent instalment of their popular podcast. The two had a very interesting and enjoyable conversation, touching on subjects like; Brexit preparations, innovations in the automotive industry, the future of commercial fleets, and much much more.

The conversation opened with what seemed a standard question from Jack, “How are things?” to which John couldn’t help but to laugh and explain that it all depends on what day of the week and what time of the day you ask the question, as is a sign of the changing environments around us, the answer can change by the day and the hour. This was a theme that carried strongly throughout the conversation: change. Change forced upon us due to the current pandemic. Changes due to Brexit. Changes and developments in technology and changes within the automotive industry. 

As John explains, with change comes challenge. But “Challenges are not something you should be frightened by, challenges are there to make you stronger”. One of the biggest challenges he faced when joining Harris Group was living up to a “legend” that was Pino, relating the situation to David Moyes replacing Alex Ferguson at Manchester United. 

Electric Vehicle Developments

Learning from his experience in Kerry Group and Wincanton, John is no stranger to reinventing businesses. Which is aptly timed as Harris Group position themselves as a leader in the Electric Vehicle market. An industry that has hugely benefited from technology advancements. Discussing the subject, John explains that there has been a dramatic shift in the mindset of manufacturers, more specifically, the Chinese when it comes to R&D. Traditionally Chinese manufacturers were known to “Replicate and Duplicate”. But have transitioned to Research and Development with astounding results. 

These new developments in Electric Vehicles have reduced charging times, increased mileage and reduced maintenance and servicing times. Harris Group has “gone one step further” and can now repair and service vehicles and batteries on-site. Eradicating the fear associated with traditional EVs of high repair costs and long lead times. Vehicles/batteries typically had to be shipped to Germany or the UK but “we will be taking them back from the UK to repair them here.”

The conversation progresses with the theme of change. Jack and John discuss Harris Groups parts department, further developments in the electric vehicle industry, the all new 100% electric bus – the STEED, charging infrastructures, hydrogen hybrids and what the future holds for himself, Harris Group and the wider automotive industry. 

We implore you to listen to the full conversation below and hope you enjoy it:

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