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Openness: Our cornerstone to strong customer relationships

Open doors at Harris Group headquarters on Naas Road in Dublin

Over recent months we have been reflecting on how we conduct ourselves as a company during times of uncertainty and crisis. As an essential service operator, we adapted our practices to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all those who work with us and our customers. We also leaned into our four core values, which were inspired by the leadership of our founder, the late Pino Harris, to uphold our commitment to our customers and partners. 

With Passion as our fuel, we maintain ambition and progress. With Integrity as our steel structure, our identity in providing excellent customer service is supported and steadfast. With New Thinking as our steering wheel, we are always driving toward innovation.

All that’s left is Openness, the fourth and final point on our values compass. We at Harris Group see the value of Openness across all areas of our operations. It is like an open door⁠—an invitation to come and see the how and why of our business⁠. It’s why we are so happy to share our company values in the first place. 

Openness is important to us as it instils trust, which is at the cornerstone of the relationships we build with our partners, customers, and employees. We work hard every day to ensure that Pino’s reputation for never letting a customer down is preserved. 

How do we practice openness?

  • Traceability in our parts and products 

Want to know where your part came from? We can tell you. Whether it was manufactured in Germany, UK, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Japan, Belgium or a local  Irish supplier, we work with reputable brands and companies who are obsessed with quality as much as we are. We utilise advanced computer systems to track our parts from the provider to our warehouse. Our commitment to quality gives us the confidence to stand over what we sell. 

  • Honest communication

Pino was known for saying what he meant and meaning what he said. We have built decade’s worth of relationships with our customers based on staying true to our word. We don’t hide behind small print or confusing language. We are transparent about what we offer, the quality of our products, and our main company goal⁠—to provide excellent customer service. As communication goes both ways, we’re open to feedback on how we can improve as our priority is to fulfil our customer’s needs. 

The hallmark of openness is honest communication, even when it means sharing information in the middle of uncertainty. At the beginning of the COVID-19 restrictions when anxiety coloured how we talked to each other, our CEO Denise Harris responded with courage and confidence, announcing how the company would react to the changing circumstances.

  • Keeping phone lines open

Our team has been working tirelessly to ensure all lines of communication remain open for our valued customers and partners. Although the way we do things has changed, we remain as true to our values as ever. We are focusing on “physical” distancing and finding new ways to engage with our customers on a human level. It is important to us that no one feels isolated or abandoned in a time of need. So our phones remain on as we also connect through emails and video conferencing. 

With our core values as our moral compass, our customer’s best interests remain integral to our products and practices. If you hadn’t noticed yet, these values spell out a lasting tribute to the hard-worked legacy of our founder⁠— P-I-N-O. His enduring leadership and commitment to excellence set the tone for the company some 60 years ago. We honour that legacy by living these core values every day.

We invite you to experience Harris Group’s customer service for yourself. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you require our help or expertise⁠—our doors, ears, and hearts are open.

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