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Passion in practice: How Harris Group lean into values in the midst of a crisis

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At Harris Group we find ourselves – in common with people and businesses the world over – living a historical event in real time. It’s been a century since our world experienced a global pandemic on this scale and as we have communicated in the recent days and weeks, it has been incumbent on us all to step up to the challenges presented by COVID-19.

One thing that has become clear to us all is that in times of crisis, our values as a business mean more than ever. As we figure out how to navigate the course ahead, our values of Passion, Integrity, New Thinking and Openness stop being abstract concepts and instead crystallise as the compass points which guide our decision-making, every day.

So we thought we’d share with you a little insight into how right now, at Harris Group, our actions are influenced by our values – starting with Passion.

When our founder Pino Harris first started building his business, it was his passion for his customers that kept him going, that helped him overcome obstacles. This passion lives on in the Harris Group and continues to fuel the engine of our business as we navigate through this crisis with our customers and partners. 

What are we most passionate about?

  • Exceptional customer service

    We see crises as opportunities to rise to a challenge and demonstrate our ability to respond to customers’ needs. We thank our own Parts Distribution Centre and After Sales departments who are working hard and putting in the hours to provide parts and maintenance to our customers, including essential supply chain logistics and emergency services, despite the challenging circumstances.

    When you need parts, vehicle service or after sales care our passion is keeping us open, and working for you. The dedicated effort of our team keeps our customers moving and able to do the job the country so dearly needs them to do right now. 

  • Helping those who help others

    We are passionate about backing essential services and authorities in these crucial moments by ensuring there are ample parts and reliable after sales services to keep them moving. We thank our customers who are demonstrating their own passion for the wellbeing of others.  Because of these dedicated people across the whole supply chain, vital food and medical supplies are stocked and keep things running in Ireland and the UK. It takes courage to be passionate, to keep motivated. Pino exemplified this year after year, and we are proud to see these qualities in others.

  • Leading change through innovation

    While we’re addressing the present circumstance, we have not abandoned our commitment to the future. We’re still focused on delivering a sustainable future for the industry and us all.

  • Being committed to the community

    Our passion for people extends beyond our customers and into the community. We believe in investing in people, nurturing their skills and ideas, so they might carry on the spirit of innovation to new places. Who knows what they’ll dream up in response to this crisis, that will change how we do things in the future?

    We especially thank the hard-working men and women who are on the frontline right now — the healthcare workers tending to the most vulnerable; the volunteers and carers who are ensuring self-isolated and quarantined people still receive food, medicine, and other daily essentials; and the drivers and loaders of commercial vehicles who deliver goods and keep everything flowing.

Over the last 60 years, our passion has already seen us through tough times. This situation may be unprecedented, but our fervent promise to bring you exceptional customer service remains steadfast.

When you need somebody to rely on, you know we will be there. From everyone at Harris Group, we appreciate your part in helping us all get through this together.

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