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Range anxiety is one of the biggest concerns when you’re looking at purchasing an Electric Vehicle. One of the main deciding factors can be whether the vehicle will have the battery power and range capacity to complete the journeys you need it to.

Due to substantial advancements in the industry, Electric Vehicle ranges have increased dramatically in recent years and a single charge should cover standard working requirements for most road users. For example, the e DELIVER 9 has a range of up to 353 kms / 219 miles, far exceeding daily requirements for average road users. 

Before settling on an EV, you should research and compare the range of several vehicles within your budget. The range can then be weighed up against price and other factors such as payload capacity, charging speeds or vehicles usage. Reviewing the vehicles under these categories will allow you to decide what the best vehicle for you is.

Join the rEVolution and learn more about Harris Group’s electric vehicle range at https://harrisgroup.ie/electric-vehicles/

Learn more about Harris Group’s range of Electric Vehicles and their ranges below.

Maxus e DELIVER 3

Harris Group continues to rEVolutionise the electric commercial vehicle market and the MAXUS e DELIVER 3 is just one of the vehicles available in our ever-growing range. With a remarkable range of up to 344kms / 213 miles on a single charge, this compact van is more than up to your daily needs.

See more about the e DELIVER 3 here https://harrisgroup.ie/model/maxus-e-deliver-3/.

Maxus e DELIVER 7

At Harris Group, we are passionate about protecting the environment and leading the rEVolution towards a cleaner planet through sustainable transport solutions. A big part of this is giving people options when it comes to electric vehicles. That is why we are constantly adding to our fleet of EVs with the Harris Maxus e DELIVER 7 being the most recent.

The e DELIVER 7 offers a range of up to 363kms / 226 miles on a single charge, making it a practical and sustainable option for delivery and logistics operations. Its spacious cargo area can accommodate up to 6.7 cubic meters of cargo, and its intelligent driving assistance system provides added safety and convenience for drivers.

You can learn more about the e DELIVER 7 here – https://harrisgroup.ie/model/maxus-e-deliver-7/

Maxus e DELIVER 9

With the Maxus e DELIVER 9, you can make a difference on our roads and to our planet!

With a range of up to 353kms / 219 miles, the e DELIVER 9 can satisfy your everyday driving needs, allowing you to accomplish your tasks while reducing your carbon footprint. Be a part of Harris Group’s rEVolution and drive towards a greener future.

Discover the capabilities of the Maxus e DELIVER 9 at https://harrisgroup.ie/model/maxus-e-deliver-9/

Maxus T90EV

Harris Group prides itself on our brand values of Innovation and New Thinking. We live by these values every day and express them in everything we do. 

As a result, we are constantly working on new ways to protect our planet and bring new electric vehicles to the market. This philosophy has resulted in the production of our first fully electric pickup truck, the Maxus T90EV. With a range of up to 354kms / 220 miles, this robust EV is up to any task and is destined to revolutionise the market.

You can learn more about this rEVolutionary vehicle here https://harrisgroup.ie/model/t90ev-2/

Maxus MIFA 9

The innovative and revolutionary Maxus MIFA 9 is an unparalleled masterpiece in the realm of automotive engineering. 

Embracing an extraordinary fusion of cutting-edge technology and captivating design, this awe-inspiring vehicle stands as the world’s first full-size, 100% electric MPV, redefining the boundaries of luxury transport. 

With an astonishing range of up to 323 miles / 520 km on a single charge, the MIFA 9 embodies Harris Group’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. It marks a momentous milestone for the Harris Group as our first breakthrough vehicle into the electric passenger vehicles market.

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary by exploring the unique MIFA 9 at https://harrisgroup.ie/model/mifa-9/.


Make a difference with the Higer AZURE, 12m, fully-electric bus! 

With a range of up to 400+ kms, you can sit back and relax knowing that the AZURE can go the distance. All the while reducing your carbon footprint and promoting a cleaner environment for all to enjoy.

See more about the Higer AZURE here – https://harrisgroup.ie/model/higer-azure/


Drive towards a sustainable future with the Higer STEED, 100% electric bus! 

With a range of up to 300kms, the STEED is a metro-ready vehicle, capable of urban and rural travel in one defined route. 

Embrace innovation and sustainability in your travels with this cutting-edge, eco-friendly, 100% EV solution for public and private transportation.
Interested to learn more? Visit harrisgroup.ie/model/higer-steed/

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